Please Note: Applications are no longer being taken for the 2018 calendar year.
Application Process
Applications may be made for a grant of up to $25,000 USD or a special request of $10,000 USD. Grants and special requests are awarded as a one time event. Applications are submitted in written form to the following address

The Interleukin Foundation
7859 East 28th Place
Denver, CO 80238

Grant Application
Grant applications follow the same format as that of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Grant applications must be written in Arial 11 point font.
1 Title
2 Lay Abstract (for non-medical, non-scientific readers, maximum 100 words)
3 Scientific Abstract (maximum 250 words)
4 Specific Aims
5 Background (maximum one page)
6 Preliminary Data (if any, maximum three pages)
7 Experimental Methods (maximum two pages)
8 References
9 Human and animal studies planned, if any (approval is required for funding but not for application)
10 Description of facilities (one page maximum)
11 CV of applicant
12 Budget (maximum $25,000 USD). Overhead is not allowed for foundation grants.
a Salaries
b Laboratory Expenses
c Animal Costs
d Cytokine reagents and other reagents
e Other
Letters for Special Requests
Letters for Special Requests are limited to small equipment, travel to scientific meetings and support of scientific conferences.
1 Lay Abstract (for non-medical, non-scientific readers, maximum 100 words)
2 Scientific Abstract (maximum 250 words)
3 Specific Aims
4 Budget (maximum $10,000 USD).
5 CV of applicant
Award Decision Process
Grant applications and Letters for Special Requests are reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board periodically throughout the year. A majority vote is required for Grant applications. An executive decision made by a sub-committee consisting of the President, Vice-President and one member of the SAB is made for Letters for Special Requests.