The Interleukin Foundation for Medical Research was founded by Charles Dinarello to fund basic and applied medical research primarily related to the Interleukin-1 family.

Inflammation and dysfunctional immune response are poorly served by present therapeutic options. Today most inflammatory diseases are treated with cortisone-like drugs that often produce unwanted and sometimes serious side effects. Other therapies include immunosuppressive drugs that can be harmful when used on a chronic basis.

Interleukins are small proteins produced naturally by the body dealing with infection and injury. Some, but not all, interleukins cause inflammation and result in destructive processes. The foundation funds scientifically valid proposals primarily related to the Interleukin-1 family with the goal that the investigator's work will result in new therapies to treat acute and chronic inflammatory diseases.

The Interleukin Foundation offers grants to qualified investigators working the field of cytokine research. Grants up to $25,000 USD are awarded after acceptance of a written proposal. The proposal is reviewed by the Scientific Advisory Board and awards for selected proposals made yearly. Small grants of less than $10,000 USD are also offered for equipment purchases, small pilot projects or travel to scientific meetings.

Fund Raising
Initial funding for the foundation comes from Charles Dinarello. The foundation raises money from individuals and corporations such as pharmaceutical companies interested in cytokine research.